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Previous popes wrote about the "new evangelization" in an abstract and boring way. This pope communicates in a way that grabs people's attention with his words and actions. His message is the message of the Gospel — it is about the Father's love for his people and their responsibility to love one another.

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He does not obsess over rules and regulations. He is more interested in orthopraxis how we live the faith than orthodoxy how we explain the faith. Second, Pope Francis is allowing open discussion and debate in the church. He is not scandalized by disagreements, even over doctrine.

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It is impossible to exaggerate how extraordinary this is. Only during Vatican II was such a debate possible. Ironically, conservatives who attacked progressives as dissenters under earlier papacies have now become dissenters to the teaching of Pope Francis.

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During the last two papacies, dissent was roundly condemned and suppressed. Episcopal candidates were screened on the basis of loyalty not pastoral skills. Bishops with contrary ideas were pressured into silence. An Australian bishop was removed from office for even suggesting the church might discuss women priests. This Christmas, give a subscription to NCR. At synods of bishops, Vatican officials controlled the agenda and even instructed the bishops on what topics could not be discussed.

The synods, which were supposed to advise the pope, became forums for bishops to profess their loyalty. Under Francis, synodal participants were encouraged by the pope to speak their minds boldly and not worry about disagreeing with him. The result is a freer exchange of views, public disagreements, and even outright criticism of the pope by some conservative cardinals. All of this would never have been allowed under earlier popes. There is also a long list of theologians who were investigated and silenced by the Vatican Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith during the last two papacies.

This was especially true of moral theologians in the United States, liberation theologians in Latin America, and those interested in interreligious dialogue in Asia. Many lost their jobs in seminaries and were forbidden to publish. Even more practiced self-censorship lest they get into trouble.

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This was especially true for priest theologians, who were controlled through ecclesial rather than academic channels. They were simply ordered under obedience to comply. Academic freedom for theologians was a joke, unless they were laypersons with tenure. Priest journalists were also censured and fired. All that is gone. One no longer hears of theologians being investigated and silenced. This is extremely important if theology is to develop and deal with contemporary issues in a way that is understandable by people of the 21st century.

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The theological guild, if it is left alone, can be a self-correcting community of scholars. Third, Cardinal Burke and the pope's critics are right; the pope is presenting a new way of thinking about moral issues in Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia. He is moving the church away from an ethics based on rules to one based on discernment. Facts, circumstances, and motivations matter in such an ethics.

Under this approach to moral theology, it is possible to see holiness and grace in the lives of imperfect people, even those in irregular marriages. Rather than seeing the world as divided between the good and the bad, we are all seen as wounded sinners for whom the church serves as a field hospital where the Eucharist is food for the wounded rather than a reward for the perfect.

e-book The Rules Of Outstanding Achievements

Gone is any attempt to scare people into being good. Fourth, the pope has raised environmental issues to a central place in the Catholic faith. He recognizes that global warming may be the most important moral issue of the 21st century. In his encyclical, Laudato Si ' , the pope tells us that "Living our vocation to be protectors of God's handiwork is essential to a life of virtue; it is not an optional or a secondary aspect of our Christian experience.

His encyclical was greeted enthusiastically by environmentalists who in the past saw the church as an enemy because of its position on birth control. Now the church is an ally because environmentalists are recognizing that religion is one of the few things that can motivate people to the kind of self-sacrifice required to save the planet.

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The pope's encyclical has shown the way. Finally, the pope has moved to reform the governance structures of the church. True, reform of the Roman Curia has proceeded slowly, but it is happening.

The financial reforms are spreading through the various Vatican agencies, beginning with the Vatican bank and moving through other entities. The Vatican budgetary process has been tightened up, and various offices have been consolidated. Individual achievements in athletics, golf, cycling, swimming and tennis were also recognised on the night. For each sport awards were presented across the age groups for Player of the Year — player who has excelled across the season, and produced the most consistent performances and for Best Attitude — player who has shown dedication and commitment that is above and beyond expectations.

Dream Teams, selected by the Heads of Sport were shown at the end of each awards section, much to the delight of the audience. Attendees were asked to vote for both Sports Personality of the Year and Team of the Year over the course of the evening.

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After so many team successes, selecting Team of the year was always going to be difficult, one team just stood out for the voters though with the U19 Boys Rugby team for their amazing win at the Dubai 7s. After much anticipation the Sports Personality of the Year accolades were awarded to Callum and Caitlin. Callum is a phenomenal athlete, excelling in football, rugby and semi-professional cycling.

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